Going Back, Moving Forward

Summer is all but over. I have to face that fact eventually. Still, I am not quite ready to succumb to the actual word "fall." The weather is still quite warm and the calendar has not yet flipped from August to September.

But there is no question about it. For weeks now the Back to School supplies have been appearing in every store (replacing gardening supplies, because we all know plants don't grow after July 4). You know those supply lists? Five folders, pronged, with two pockets: in green, yellow, rose, tangerine, and aquamarine. Oh, and the paper towels and disinfectant wipes, because now you must supply the custodians as well as the students. The list gets longer and more specific each year.

I've witnessed several scenes like the one below:

But I just smile as I pass by. With 75% of my kids having graduated, and the last one being homeschooled, I do not have to brave the warring masses vying for that last 5-pack of jumbo glue sticks. (Now, Suzy Q, this is why you don't wait until the last minute!.) This is one of the benefits of homeschooling, but certainly one of the lower ones on my list.

I now have a child who is happy to learn, and does not feel stupid or bullied. He can learn at his pace, and will not be pushed along before he is ready. He is no longer depressed about school, and that is worth it all.

As Matthew returns to Heritage Homeschool Workshops this week (Mondays only) he is more confident than he was a year ago. He is planning on a successful year. He is also already planning his graduation party (he wants live music) even though he is just a sophomore.

As for me, I will soon be "back to school" myself as a new semester begins at Wheaton. My plan for this blog is to update twice a month. I may have to adjust that, of course.

But for now, to all of those who are either in school or sending their younger ones back to school, Welcome Back, and enjoy these years that will so quickly pass by.

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